Kidivo Educational Laptop: Learn ABCs, 123s, and More with Words, Sounds, and Music

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  • 🧒Interactive toddler/Kids learning toy with light-up talking worm slider;26 light-up letter buttons,10 Mathematical numbers and Words.
  • đź’»Alphabet toy worm acts as the guide during games and learning; the clock has a movable hand that introduces time concepts Features Various Words learning activities with different progressive learning levels; introduces phonics, words, time concepts, music and more.
  • đź“–Early learning center comes with words and melodies with blinking lights that promote verbal and visual discovery for memorising.
  • đź’ŽThis toy is designed to teach kids ages 1 years and above; 3 AA Batteries should be use , use new batteries for regular use.
  • 🎵Introduces musical elements to enhance learning through rhythm, melody, and sound
  • đź’ˇLight-up buttons and blinking lights help engage kids and keep them interested
  • 🎮Fun and interactive games and activities that keep kids entertained while they learn
  • đź’»Introduces basic computer skills, preparing kids for future technology use
  • 🧠Develops hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and problem-solving skills
  • đź’ŞBoosts confidence and self-esteem through successful completion of learning activities
  • đź’°Affordable and cost-effective alternative to traditional educational toys and games
  • đź“šDesigned to complement and reinforce what kids learn in school and at home
  • 🔬Encourages curious and inquisitive learning, inspiring kids to ask questions and discover new things
  • đź’ŻDesigned with child safety in mind, with durable construction and non-toxic materials.

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Kidivo Educational Laptop: Learn ABCs, 123s, and More with Words, Sounds, and Music  350.00
Weight250 g
Dimensions20 × 15 × 3 cm


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